Induction Sealing Machine
Product Introduction
Induction cap sealing is a non-contact heating process that accomplishes the hermetic sealing of a bottle with a cap which includes a heat-sealable foil liner. When the cap / liner is placed on bottle opening and this bottle passes under an induction coil which emits a varying electromagnetic field.
The KWT-3000i Model is water-cooled induction sealing system, heating the foil liners of bottle caps for plastic bottles.
  • Modular component design minimizes the maintenance requirement.
  • Easy adjustment by simple button setup or different sizes of products.
  • Sealing process is fast and efficient, even there is little moisture, greasy dirt or powder dirt on the opening of the bottle, it also can seal the opening effective.
  • Height of sealing coil is adjustable, flexible for most of bottle height.
  • The IGBT / MOS-FET module provides high efficiency, lower power consumption and long lifespan.
  • Missing foil detecting sensor and reject system. (Option)