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As a liquid filling machine manufacturer, KWT specializes in manufacturing inline filling machines and liquid packaging machines, providing various filling systems in different industries and capacities working with diverse types and shapes of packages. KWT liquid filling machine utilizes the latest technologies to achieve the most accurately filled bottles on the market. We offer a great diversity modules of liquid fillers including semi-automatic and fully automatic functions, our experts oversee every step of the design, manufacturing, fabrication, and installation of your liquid filling equipment. You can rest assured that KWT liquid filling machine manufacturer can offer you quality on your product line system.

There are many kinds of liquid filling machines that fill the product into bottles, containers, or pouches. It’s essential to consider serval factors to ensure you choose the most suitable one for your specific needs.

Products for filling
Determine the type of product you would like to fill and its specific characteristics (viscosity, particle size). The desired filling volume and production capacity should be considered.

For liquid filling machine

  • Chemical products: lubricant oil, detergent, liquid fertilizer, shampoo, shower gel
  • Foods: juice, honey, jelly, soy milk, water, edible oil

Production capacity
Consider the anticipated production output speed and chose a liquid filling machine that can handle your desired output efficiently. Ensure it can keep up with your production demands.

Types of liquid filling machines
Filling machine has type of semi-automatic or automatic filling machine, the difference between the two types of machines is capable to reduce the manual job and save the time for packaging to improve the production efficiency.

Liquid filling equipment can be used in a wide range of industries, such as food, chemical, household and other industries involved in manufacturing liquid products. There is various filling machine available to choose from, including flow meter filler, piston pump filler, rotary lobe pump filler, spiral pump filler and gravity fillers. Understand their advantages, limitations and compatibility with your product.

Benefit of KWT Liquid Filling Machine
KWT offers some of the best liquid filling machines available for products of all types. The versatility of our filling equipment makes them compatible with many different applications, depending on your specific system requirements.

  • Our inline liquid filler machinery systems come in a variety of format
  • Capable of working with a wide range of household, chemical and food industry
  • Robust construction
  • Quick and easy changeover to any product type, without costly and time-consuming whole line changeover
  • Minimal downtime for maintenance & cleaning

The liquid filling machines are listed as below with more information guiding you easy to select the type of filler you need. Also, you can contact us for seeking an expert consultation ; rely on KWT to help you determining the best packaging solution for your business.

  • FL Series Auto Volumetric Flow Meter Filler Machine
    The measuring principle of flow meter is practically independent of pressure, density, temperature and viscosity, it enables more accurate product dosing. KWT flow meter filling machine is used for household application.
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  • Piston Filling Machine - PS-serials
    Piston pump filling machines are another great option for liquid packaging, they offer accurate fill rates, versatility with the ability to handle many different types of products. They’re ideal for juice, soy milk, sauces, agricultural liquid and homecare product.
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  • R Series Automatic Rotary Lobe Pump Filler Machines
    It utilizes a rotary lobe pump for each fill head, using PLC control allows the operator to control individual fill head. The bottle filling machine is versatile enough to handle a wide range of container sizes, fill volumes, and product types making it perfect for almost any application.
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  • C Series Auto Spiral Pump Oil Bottle Packing Machine
    This filler machine is designed for lubricant oil, it is versatile enough to handle a wide range of container sizes, fill volumes, and product types making it perfect for lubricant oil filling line application.
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  • F-Series Overflow Filling Machine
    Overflow filling machines provide the same cosmetic fill level, making them ideal for filling transparent containers that must have a consistent fill level. Gravity overflow liquid filling machines are designed to handle thin products, they’re ideal for alcohol bottling line.
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  • KWT-830W Net Weight Filling Machine

    KWT pail line of net weight filling machines are designed for plastic and metal pail sizes.

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  • Net Weight Semi-Auto Filler - KWT-820W

    KWT-820W is a net weigh filler, provide accurate filling of liquid into drum or bucket containers ranging from 10L-20L. It is an easy-to-operate and efficient device dedicated to fill thin liquid and medium viscosity.

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  • One Head Semi-Auto Filling Machinery

    KWT-810 series are versatile semi-auto filling machines, designed to semi-viscous and thick products equipped with a single or a double pump system.

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