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Selecting the appropriate type of capping machine, whether semi-auto or automatic, is an important decision with significant implications for both the machine’s capabilities and cost. Automatic aping machine offer the highest speed and efficiency but typically come at a higher price. Considering your budget and production requirements is required when deciding whether to invest in a higher-cost automatic machine for faster production times. On the other hand, semi-auto capping machine may be more affordable but offer lower output rates.

By determining the cap type and designs you require, you can procure a capping machine that matches your specific needs. This ensures that the machine will effectively handle the cap application process, maximizing productivity for your business.

Types of Capping Machine

Our capping machines are available in different sizes and configurations, allowing for customization based on specific production demands across various sectors including food, chemical and household.

Capping Chuck Capping Machine
  • KWT-120 Table Top Semi-Auto Capping Machine
  • KWT-151 One Head Semi-Auto Capping Machine
  • KWT-151AS Auto Capping Machine
  • KWT-180AS Auto Capping Machine (with Star-Wheel)
Side-Wrap Capping Machine
  • KWT-130ST Table Top Semi-Auto Capping Machine
  • KWT-130S Semi-Auto Side-Wrap Capping Machine
  • KWT-130AS Auto Side-Wrap Capping Machine
  • KWT-170 Capping Machine for Trigger Caps

Having reliable capping machine is essential in liquid packing line, different types of capping machine will be involved in the capping process depended on the closure type and package shape. KWT carries versatility capping solution for different scope of packaging line.