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How Does a Capping Machine Work?
If your products requre to be packaged in bottles, then a high efficiency capping machine would be an essential equipment for you. The capping process can simply divided into 3 sections.  First, a cap conveyer will help convey your caps to the containers. Second, these bottle caps will individually be put and pressed on top of the bottles. And Third, these caps will be torqued and sealed tighly on the bottles. It would take much longer and the quality would also be under a huge risk if you are adopting a manual capper machine. Yet since KWT provides fully automatic capping machines, so all the capping processes will be operated automatically by the machines; therefore, your every product is guaranteed with the best quality.

What Adavantages Do KWT Auto Capping Machines Have?
In addition to full automation, our capping machines also feature high durability, great convenience and high speed.
- High Durability:
Every KWT capper is made of stainles steel. Stainless steel has high rigid and high heat/ corossion resistance traits; our capping machines are ensured to have a longer lifespan consequently. Also, the stainless steel can effectively prevent bacteria from growing, so your products quality will be assured.
- High Speed:
The pick & place device is controled by servo motors and cylinders, which can increase the movement speed. lifting up the whole productivity. Also, the caps can be easily changed to another type with high efficiency during the capping process.
- Great Convenience:
All our automatic capping machines are equipped with a PLC controlled screen. The device can help memorize 50 settings, saving your time to re-set the data and increasing work efficiency.

Having reliable capping machines in liquid packing line is important, different types of capping machine will be involved in the capping process depended on the closure type and package shape. KWT carries versatility capping solution for different scope of packaging line, including one-head, side wrap series and so on, and these auto capper machines can be widely applied in the chemical, food, hosehold and more industries. If you have any demands for our high quality capper machines, welceom to contact KWT Machine System, the most trustworthy automatic bottle capping machine manufacturer.