Gear Pump Filling Machine
Product Description
Product Introduction

The G series oil bottle filling machines are filling systems with a gear pump and are specifically designed and built to handle lubricant oil products on the market. This lubricant oil bottle packing machine is also equipped with PLC controls in combination with color touch screen displays, allowing operators to accurately control product flow and speed to each individual filling head resulting in accurate fills.

KWT has engineered lubricant oil packing machines for 20 years. Our experience has been so extensive in this oil bottle filling machine system industry; therefore, we can surely fulfill the needs of every customer. Contact us anytime.

  • Application – lubricant oil
  • Filling range from 500ml to 5000ml
  • Four (4) to twelve (12) filling nozzles
  • PLC controlled with touch screen panel, easy access to all settings 
  • Quick and easy product changeover time
  • Drip tray protects bottles from nozzle product dripping
  • 50 products can be stored in memory for recall 
  • Liquid contact parts in stainless steel SUS 304
  • Bottle width (diameter): 50mm-150mm
  • Bottle height: 120mm-350mm
  • Capacity: ~ 50 BPM
  • Safety guard
  • Container neck grabber
  • Liquid feeding pump