Filling Range





20-25 pcs/min

Automatic production line for filling, trigger cap placer and capping of soap liquid. Utilize the magnetic flow meter to fill chemical product with foamy based. KWT filling machine capable of filling water thin liquids, semi-viscous and foamy liquids at the speed of 20-25 pcs/min. The line is easy and fast changeover to another product (in less than 30 min). A perfect solution for the household industry thanks to the capability of dosing dish wash, softener, laundry sanitizer, bathroom cleaner.

Key Features

  • Magnetic flow meter is suited for bathroom cleaning product.
  • Robust construction in stainless steel.
  • Mitsubishi PLC controlled with touch screen panel.
  • Easy adjusting hand wheels for quick changeover.
  • 50 job memory for easy set-up and recall.
  • Neck grabber for different sizes of container.
  • Capable capping type: trigger cap & plastic screw cap.
  • A precise trigger straw centering system.
  • 2-jaw grippers.
  • Auto Pick & Place device is designed to handle most cap types, and driven by servo motor.
  • Capping roller utilize servodrive to control the capping process and to quick change over to another format.


  1. Filling Machine
    • Safety Guard
    • Nozzle up & down action driven by servo motor
    • Filling nozzle (Dia. 12.7mm) for small neck
    • Liquid feeding pump
  2. Trigger Cap Placer
    • Safety Guard
    • Cap chute, gripper for different size of cap
  3. Capping Machine
    • Safety Guard
    • Cap hopper & elevator
    • Vibrator bowl, cap chute, gripper for different size of cap
    • Inspection: missing cap / cock cap


Nozzles Up to 10 pcs
Fill Volume Range 500ml-1000ml
Filling Assembly Magnetic Flow Meter
Nozzle Size Dia. 19 mm
Container Thickness Range 80mm-100mm
Container Length Range 120mm-200mm
Container Height Range 140-300mm
Capping Machine 170A / 130AS
Number of Capping Roller 4 capping roller
ConveyorWidth 82.5mm
Conveyor Length 10,400mm