Leak Tester
Product Introduction

Ensuring container quality, bottle leak testing is essential for essential for a wide range of products, including household products, lubricants, drinks, sauces, juices and more. The crucial procedure ensures that bottles remain leak-free, meeting the highest quality standards.

Bottle leak tester stands as critical production phase prior to distribution, rejecting defective or substandard bottles before they are packaged. The importance of bottle leak detector includes:

  • Enhancing product safety: Bottle leak detector ensure that only leak-free bottles are selected for packaging, minimizing the risk of product contamination and potential hazards during transportation and storage.
  • Preventing product recalls: Early detection of leaks prevents the distribution of faulty bottles, mitigating the risk of product recalls and associated financial losses.
  • Preserving brand reputation: By consistently delivering leak-free bottles, manufacturers can uphold their band reputation and instill in customers regarding product reliability.

In conclusion, incorporation bottle lead tester in the production process offers many advantages, ranging from safety and quality to reduce product loss and customer satisfaction. This crucial step ensures that only leak-free bottles are distributed, contributing to the success and reputation of both manufacturers and their products.

Having a bottle lead detector is crucial because it guarantees that quality of products by preventing potential leaks in bottles. Please get in touch with us at sales@kwt.com.tw or telephone number+886-4-22773390. We will provide you with devices that include the features needed for your leak detection process.

KWT-300 serials are leak testers, it is designed for empty plastic bottles leakage testing.

  • Machine main construction is made by stainless steel and aluminum alloy
  • Mitsubishi PLC control system
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Precise and reliable leak circuitry
  • The machine is including conveyor and rejection station
  • Capacity : Up to 30 BPM