Induction Sealing Machine
Product Introduction

Induction cap sealing is a non-contact heating process that accomplishes the hermetic sealing of a bottle with a cap which includes a heat-sealable foil liner. When the cap / liner is placed on bottle opening and this bottle passes under an induction coil which emits a varying electromagnetic field.

In the meantime, the conductive aluminum foil liner begins to heat the required temperature. The content of bottle is not inducted by electromagnetic field, but the seal film of foil liner is heated and attached onto the lip of bottle by the induction coil. After cooled, the seal film creates a bond with the bottle resulting in a sealed product.

  • ● The KWT-3000i Model is water-cooled induction sealing system, heating the foil liners of bottle caps for plastic bottles.
  • ● The KWT-500i model is designed for small factories, low quantity production and laboratory application.
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  • Modular component design minimizes the maintenance requirement
  • Easy adjustment by simple button setup or different sizes of products
  • Sealing process is fast and efficient, even there is little moisture, greasy dirt or powder dirt on the opening of the bottle, it also can seal the opening effective
  • Height of sealing coil is adjustable, flexible for most of bottle height
  • The IGBT / MOS-FET module provides high efficiency, lower power consumption and long lifespan
  • Missing foil detecting sensor and reject system. (Option)
Model No. KWT-500i KWT-3000i KWT-3000ic
Power Output 500 Watts 3000 Watts
Cap Diameter A: 20 - 60 mm
B: 60 - 120 mm
Generator Type IGBT IGBT/MOS-FET
Power Supply 200 V, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase